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TDDB37 Distributed systems (4.5 ECTS)

Vt1 2007

Latest News...

02/03  Server update

The mir53 workstation has crashed and cannot be recovered. All the servers running on this machine have been moved to mir54. Please modify your implementations in order to take into consideration the new system configuration.

01/03  Extra-sessions for lab demonstrations

Students that still want to present their finished assignments before the lab deadline are welcome to do so on the following dates: 16/3 (13:00-14:00) and 26/3 (14:00-15:00). During these sessions, students should find an available workstation in one of the SU-rooms, setup their demonstration and send email with their location to the course assistant.

23/02  Lab demonstrations

The lab sessions are over, but the servers will be available until the lab deadline.

Students that need help with their assignments are welcome to contact their lab assistant by email.

Extra-sessions dedicated for demonstrations of the assignments will be scheduled during the two weeks between the exam and the lab deadline.

11/01  Labs

The servers for the labs are up and running.

The slides for the lab lesson are available on the Lectures page.

11/01  Web pages

Web pages for the course have been updated. The new IDA templates are being used.

05/01  Web pages

Web pages for the course are up.

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Last updated: 2007-01-11