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TDDB29 Compilers and Interpreters (4.5 ECTS)

HT 2007

Course literature

  • Aho, Lam, Sethi, Ullman, Compilers Principles, Techniques, and Tools, Second Edition. Addison-Wesley, 2006.

    Recommended course book. Can be bought at Bokakademin or Akademibokhandeln. Or buy it used.

    OR the old, first edition:

  • Aho, Sethi, Ullman: Compilers Principles, Techniques, and Tools, Addison-Wesley, 1986.
    Buy it used, there should be lots of old copies around.

    Note that for this course (TDDB29+TDDB44), the first edition will be fine as well. However, if you plan to take the new follow-up course TDDC86 Compiler optimizations and code generation (2007) you could better reuse the second edition there.

    There are reading directions on the lectures page.

    Links and comments to some other compiler books

  • Compiler construction exercises. Kompendium, Bokakademin.
    Not mandatory, for exam preparation only.
  • Lab material for TDDB29 is available in the course directory /home/TDDB29/lab on the IDA lab computers (not on the web).
    (See also the lab page.).
  • The lecture slides are available for online access at the lectures page.

Important dates

First lecture Thursday 25/10/2007 kl 13-15 in BL32. See also the web schedule.

Last day for registration for the labs is friday 2/11/2007 (first lab session).

Registration for the labs is done via webreg, see the link in the menu to the left.
Register in groups of two students; if there should be more students than predicted, you may register in groups of three.

The lectures are mostly together with TDDB44, but the TDDB29 schedule on the web only contains TDDB29-related events.

Latest News...

22/12/2007  Exam review opportunity (tentavisning) 14/1/2008

We will offer an exam review opportunity (tentavisning) on monday 14/01/2008 at 12:00-12:30 in Donald Knuth, IDA.

15 nov. 2007  Muddy card evaluation

The result of the mid-term evaluation of 14/11/2007 is now available.

07‑11‑05  Lektionsmaterialskomplettering

Här finns materialet som inte fanns med inför formella språk-lektionen i kursen.

31 oct. 2007  Still not registered?

You must be registered on the course to be able to sign up for a lab group. Note also that we are not entitled to correct exams or report any lab results of unregistered students.
If you are not registered yet, please do it now. Fill this form and give it to the IDA student expedition located in the E house.

19 oct. 2007  Web pages set up for 2007.

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