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TDDA69 Data and Program Structures



General information

Repo for handing in

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There are no strict intermediary deadlines. We recommend that you are done with lab3 at the end of Vt1.

But you should have validated all your labs before the first week of June.


New, ad hoc fix. As per sudden request, we will not use the SVN server for handins. Instead, create a common GitLab repo for your lab group's course work (unless you already have one). Use a good name, containing your LiU-ID:s (eg tdda69-svesv000-lotsv000). Add users andma54 and andma397 to the project, with proper rights. Create some directory called "redovisning" in the repo, and place your handins there. The very much ad hoc part: Send me an email with the commit number, and a subject starting with the course code, like "TDDA69: Grupp X labb Y".

All labs should be submited in subversion, see submission information.

For students of previous years

For students of previous years who have not yet completed the labs, whether you should do the new or old labs will be decided on case-by-case basis (depending on how much of the old labs you have already completed). Please contact Anders for further information.

Setup on the university computers

Starting from Lab2, you will be working on the espy interpreter. The source code for those labs can be found in /home/TDDA69/Labs.

Get the code:
cp -r /home/TDDA69/Labs/espy .

Previous years

You can access the labs from the previous years:

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