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TDDA69 Data and program structures


Welcome to the Data and Program structures course (aka DPS). The course used to be given in Swedish. This year, the lectures (föreläsningar) and labs will be given in English.


150216  Working from home

There seem to have been some issues with working from home using astmatix, problems that have not been replicable on site. Try the new Thinlinc distance work suite, and use the Linux systems.

Instructions at TUS and from another course.

//Anders M.L.

190107  Bring a smartdevice/laptop to the lecture!

During the lecture, we will make use of online polling tools, so if you can, bring a connected device to the course: smartphone, tablet, laptop...

150107  Welcome to the Data and program structures course!

We are currently updating the website which contains a lot of outdated information, but hopefully everything will be ready for the first lecture on January, 20th! The course will make use of Python this year, if you have never used Python or if you have not used in some time, we can suggest that you follow the tutorial at codecademy (this is a tutorial for python 2.7, but we are using python 3 in the course, which is very similar, see this link for differences between python 2 and 3).

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Last updated: 2015-01-31