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732A46 Bayesian Learning

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May 7, 2015  Extended project deadline

The deadline for the project has been extended to May 29.

April 22, 2015  Project deadlines

Deadline for project proposal: April 29.
Deadline for final project report: May 22.
Here are some guidelines for the proposal and the project (nevermind the dates in that document).
Send proposal and final report to shutong.ding@liu.se.

Feb 24, 2015  Course start

The course comprises 12 lectures and 4 labs. Starting date is March 30 at 13.15 in Von Neumann.
The complete schedule will be available in TimeEdit in a couple of days.
I will use the book 'Bayesian Data Analysis' by Gelman, Carlin, Stern, och Rubin, Chapman & Hall, Third edition. You can find it in any decent internet book shop.

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