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732A45 Statistical Evidence Evaluation

Work plan and material

Course material (additional)

Preliminary Work plan






Probabilistic reasoning, likelihood theory, Bayesian hypothesis testing, Introduction to belief networks

Taroni et al: Chapter 1, 3 (parts), Supplementary material

Download GeNIe: http://genie.sis.pitt.edu/downloads.html

46 Bayesian Belief Networks Taroni et al: Chapter 2

Assignment 1 will be distributed

47 Evaluation of forensic evidence and reporting Taroni et al: Chapter 3, 4, Supplementary material
48 Statistical decision theory Chapter 11.2, Gittelson: Chapter 2,3,4

Assignment 2 will be distributed

49 Decision theory, Different types of forensic evidence, combination Gittelson: Chapter 3, 4, Taroni et al: Chapter 5, 6, 7 (selected parts)
50 Sampling rules for decision making Supplementary material

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