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732A37 Multivariate Statistical Methods (6 ECTS)

Autumn 2015

Latest News...

25/11  All exercises in the new edition has the "correct" numbers

I have checked all the exercises that we should do from next week and they have all the right number that I writed on the homepage.

17/11  Computer laboration 2

I have made computer lab 2 available on the course information page.

Although I didn't talk about MANOVA today, you can still attempt exercise 6.24. I will bear in mind your situation when I correct your laborations.

11/11  New numbers for the exercises in the new edition

I have put the new number of a certain exercise in parantheses right beside the original number. That is, if you read

2.5 (3.5),
this means that the old number was 2.5, but in the international edition it is 3.5.

The list is not complete yet. But chapters 4-6 seems to be exactly the same, so all numberings are correct there.

10/11  The bonus program is (also) abandoned

I think that we are too many in this course now for having the bonus program in the way that I talked about when we meet the first time.

Instead I will solve the exercises on the blackboard and I will give you some other exercises that you should be able to solve when you have seen me do a similar problem. Which problems that I will appoint for this reason you will know after class tomorrow.

Therefore the seminars are not mandatory anymore, but for the written examination later on in the course, it is probably good to take part in this activity.

2/11  Abandoning LISAM and material for computer lab 1

I have learned how to make accessible files on the homepage, so therefore we don't need LISAM anymore. I will instead make everything downloadable from here. Here is the instruction for the first computer laboration. The data is found here.

2015‑10‑19  Course start

Welcome to the course! The first meeting will take place on Tuesday 27 October at 13:15 in D24.

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Last updated: 2015-10-19