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Ht1 2015

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24/9 2015  Student reports lab 1

Here are links to some of the best reports that was handed in for computer lab 1, that you could compare to your own solutions: report1, report2, report3.

21/9 2015  forecast package

The forecast-package needed for the last part of computer lab 2 has now been properly installed in the PC-rooms and should be working. Try loading it with library(forecast). If it does not work, delete the contents of z:/Documents/R/win-library/3.1, and see if that helps.

17/9 2015  Changed room 22/9

I changed the room for the lecture on Tuesday 22/9 to R41. For the last lecture, there were no bigger rooms available, so we will have to fit in John von Neumann. For the correct schedule, see TimeEdit.

Also, in case you missed this information yesterday, Computer Lab 2 is now available on the course home page, with deadline 28/9.

9/9 2015  Old exams

Here is a link to the latest exam with solutions. Also, here is a link to an older exam with answers.

For the written exam you can expect questions similar to them in the recommended exercises in the book, in the computer labs and in the old exams.

1/9 2015  New room for the seminar tomorrow: I204

As I mentioned in the lecture there will be a change in room for the seminar tomorrow. The seminar will be in room I204, 10.15-12.00. Please help me spread this information among your classmates. See you tomorrow!

26/8 2015  Computer lab 1

The instructions for Computer lab 1 are now available under Work plan and material. You can start with part 1 right away, but you might want to wait with part 2 and 3 until after lecture 3. The deadline is September 14.

22/6 2015  Course start

The course will start on Monday, 24 August at 10:15 in John von Neumann, B building, entrance 27

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