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732A30 Master's Thesis

Course information


This is the web site for the thesis course in the master's programme Statistics and Data Mining.
We have posted some useful information and material below.
The timetable lists the important dates and slides for various meetings during the course.

Templates and instructions for the report

Thesis template in LyX format: LyX  - Basic instructions

Thesis template in Word format: Office 2010MSWord 97-2003

Thesis cover: Office 2010MSWord 97-2003

Library sheet: Office 2010MSWord 97-2003

Publication rules: Office 2010MSWord 97-2003

Examples of theses from previous years


Patrik Pavlov, Optimal Experimental Design and Parameter Estimation of a Stacked Bed Hydrotreating Process

Martin Arvidsson, Dynamic Call Drop Analysis

Andreea Bocancea, Supervised Classification Leveraging Refined Unlabeled Data


Aiswaryaa Viswanathan, Data driven analysis of usage and driving parameters that affect fuel consumption of heavy vehicles

Munezero Parfait, Mobile network traffic analysis based on IP log data

Uriel Chareca, Inferring user demographics from reading habits

Paolo Elena, Anomaly detection and analysis on dropped phone call data


Lotta Järvstråt, Functionality Classification Filter for Websites


Ankita Garg, Forecasting exchage rates using machine learning models with time-varying volatility


Laura Funa, Customer Satisfaction Analysis


Nadesska Alvarado, Supervised learning approaches for predicting the outcome of a metric describing the usage of Scania vehicles

Du Yang, Comparison of change-point detection algorithms for vector time series


Aisikaer Wubulikasimu: Assessing the performance of systems for far and near infrared detection of pedestrians 

He Zhang: Change-point detection in vector time series using tree algorithms and smoothers

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