Below you can find an overview of the lectures that will be given during the course together with links to lectures slide, code written during the lectures and pointers to the recommended reading material for each lecture.

Lecture slides will be made available around the time of each lecture.

Lecture Content Slides Code Lecture readings
Lecture 1 Introduction to HTML and CSS PDF Codela 1
Lecture 2 Introduction to JavaScript PDF Codela 2 Part 1 in JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual
Lecture 3 Introduction to jQuery + describing interaction PDF Codela 3 Part 2 + chapter 13 in JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual
Lecture 4 jQuery UI, using other jQuery plugins PDF jQuery UI web site, jQuery UI setup, some jQuery plugins
Lecture 5 Information about the mini project, analysis of precedent designs, version controll using git PDF Analysis of Precedent Designs: Competative Analysis Meets Genre Analysis, Pro Git, Here’s a bonus video with some examples of some nice UI algorithms

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