Lab assignments - 729G26

General instructions for all labs - READ THIS!

  • Sign-up for a lab group in webreg. Two students per group.
  • Sign-up for an account on Codecademy.
  • Assignments from Codecademy are presented to your TA.
  • Before submitting a lab assignment you should present and demonstrate it to your TA.
  • Each lab assignment has two difficulty levels - basic and advanced. To recieve the grade VG for the complete course, all assignments must have been submitted and passed on the advanced difficulty level.
  • Deadlines can be found on the examination page.

Assignment submissions

Each lab assignment is submitted by the group to your dedicated TA via email. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Compress all files relevant to the assignment (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images etc) to a single zip archive. Attach this zip-file to the submission email.
  • Do not submit more than one lab assignment per email.
  • Make sure to send a copy (CC) of the submission email to your lab partner.
  • Use the subject line “729G26 Lab X LiU-ID1, LiU-ID2” where X is the lab number you are submitting and LiU-ID1 and LiU-ID2 are your LiU-IDs.
  • Submitted code (CSS, HTML, JavaScript) should 1) be correctly indented and 2) use meaningful variable and function names that follow a consistent naming scheme. Submissions with code that does not conform to these guidelines may be rejected.

Lab assignments

The lab assignments are intended to prepare you for the mini project later in the course and provide you with skills which will make complete the project easier. Each assignment builds on skills learned in the previous assignment.

The topics of the lab assignments are as follows:

  2. JavaScript
  3. jQuery
  4. jQuery and jQuery UI

Semi-supervised lab sessions

In your schedule in TimeEdit, some lab sessions do not have any teachers assigned to it. These sessions are semi-supervised.

During these sessions, the computer lab is booked for you to use. If you have any questions during these sessions, you can page a TA by going to this page (Camedin Live):

From the Camedin Live page, press the “Page” button to page to ask a TA for assistance. Write your name, and where the TA can find you. The password required to submit the request is jquery. You also can see how many requests each TA currently has.

When there is no ongoing lab session, the Camedin Live page will show you when your next lab session is.

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