General course information

As an interaction designer, it is necessary to have some basic working knowledge of how to implement a specific interaction design. It is important to know the bounderies of the digital material and the framework that you are working with.

In this course, we will cover both theoretical and practical topics related to the implementation of interactive components. The framwork that we will use in this course is HTML5 together with JavaScript and jQuery.

We will analyze, specify and implement interactive components with a large part of this course being dedicated to the practical aspects of the trade.

Detailed course information

  • You can find information on which topics are covered and what the aims of the course are in the syllabus.
  • Specifics on the examination of the course can be found on the course examination page. On this page you will also find details on course deadlines.
  • An overview of the scheduling of the lectures and lab assignments can be found on the timetable page
  • Separate pages on course literature and other resources can also be found on the course website.

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