729G26 Interaction Programming (6 ECTS)

w 44-03 2013/14

Welcome to 729G26 - Interaction Programming!

Interaction Programming is an elective course is given as part of the third year of the bachelor's program in Cognitive Science. The course covers theoretical and practical aspects of interaction programming: analysis, specification and implementarion.The framework used in this course is HTML5 and jQuery.

This course consists of lectures, lab assignments and a mini project.

Latest News...

2013‑11‑11  Lecture slides + code from today's lecture available

See the lecture page for links.

2013‑11‑04  Lecture slides + code from today's lecture available

See the lecture page for links.

2013‑10‑31  Regarding responsive design for lab assignment 1

Regarding implementing responsive design for the advanced level of lab assignment 1, the requirement is that you have at least two layouts - one for desktop and one for a lower resolution device such as a smart phone.

2013‑10‑31  Lab group signup re-opened

The lab group signup had been closed by mistake. It is now open, so please sign up.

2013‑10‑29  Codecademy and a centering tip

You can practice the topics we covered today on Codecademy. We will also be using Codecademy in the second lab assignment, so I would recommend registering a user there as well. Try doing chapters 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 of the web fundamentals track to get a good foundation. http://www.codecademy.com/tracks/web

Also, here is a good trick to have up your sleeve for center content horizontally: http://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/centering-a-website/

2013‑10‑21  Course home page being updated and translated

The old home page has been archived and information regarding the upcoming course instance is being updated. Non-critical course messages will be posted on the course's Facebook Page and on Lisam. Important information will be sent via email to the course mailing list.

2013‑09‑27  Kurswebb uppdateras

Den gamla sidan har arkiverats och innehÄll Àr pÄ gÄng till kurswebben för kursomgÄngen HT2013. För tillfÀllet finns bara automatgenererade haikus. Icke-kritiska kursmeddelanden kommer att postas pÄ kursens facebooksida och pÄ LISAM. Viktig information kommer att skickas via till er via kursens e-postlista.

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