Linked Energy Audit Data


Welcome to the demonstration search interface for linked energy efficiency assessment data. You can search for data from Sweden, i.e. from the PFE and EKC projects of the Swedish Energy Agency, as well as data from the IAC database up until 2012. Data and this demonstration interface is the result of the research project DEFRAM

By using the checkboxes you can choose what data to display about a certain measure (recommendation). The data has been anonymized, hence, organisation names are replaced by a code. Industry classifications are given through the Swedish SNI-2007 standard (the Swedish implementation of NACE Rev. 2). All the measures have been classified into a taxonomy of measure categories (available in Swedish only), and have a description (in Swedish or English).

Limit your search by choosing alternatives from the lists, e.g. a certain SNI-category, a certain measure category, a geographical limitation, or a maximum number of results to display. Start your search by pressing the "submit search"-button.

Please note that this is a demonstration of research results, hence, we ask you to have patience with potential delays in the search process, since this interface is not optimized for a large user load, nor for complex queries that render many results (use the limitations mentioned below to reduce the number of results). Currently, we do not take any responsibility for the system uptime or response time.

Choose what information about a measure (recommendation) you want to display:

Restrict your search by choosing the categories you are interested in below:

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