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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
skepu::DataCollector2D< Tx, Ty >A class that can be used to collect 2D data
skepu::Device_CLA class representing an OpenCL device
skepu::Device_CUA class representing a CUDA device
skepu::DeviceMemPointer_CL< T >A class representing an OpenCL device memory allocation
skepu::DeviceMemPointer_CU< T >A class representing a CUDA device memory allocation
skepu::Environment< T >A class representing a execution environment
skepu::ExecPlanA class that describes an execution plan
skepu::Generate< GenerateFunc >A class representing the Generate skeleton
skepu::generateThreadFuncArgs_CU< GenerateFunc, OutputIterator >
skepu::Vector< T >::iterator< T >An vector iterator class
skepu::Map< MapFunc >A class representing the Map skeleton
skepu::MapArray< MapArrayFunc >A class representing the MapArray skeleton
skepu::mapArrayThreadFuncArgs_CU< ArrayFunc, Input1Iterator, Input2Iterator, OutputIterator >
skepu::MapOverlap< MapOverlapFunc >A class representing the MapOverlap skeleton
skepu::mapOverlapThreadFuncArgs_CU< OverlapFunc, InputIterator, OutputIterator >
skepu::MapReduce< MapFunc, ReduceFunc >A class representing the MapReduce skeleton
skepu::mapReduceThreadFuncArgs1_CU< UnaryFunc, BinaryFunc, InputIterator >
skepu::mapReduceThreadFuncArgs2_CU< BinaryFunc1, BinaryFunc2, Input1Iterator, Input2Iterator >
skepu::mapReduceThreadFuncArgs3_CU< TrinaryFunc, BinaryFunc, Input1Iterator, Input2Iterator, Input3Iterator >
skepu::mapThreadFunc1Args_CU< UnaryFunc, InputIterator, OutputIterator >
skepu::mapThreadFunc2Args_CU< BinaryFunc, Input1Iterator, Input2Iterator, OutputIterator >
skepu::mapThreadFunc3Args_CU< TrinaryFunc, Input1Iterator, Input2Iterator, Input3Iterator, OutputIterator >
skepu::Vector< T >::proxy_elem< T >A proxy class representing one element of Vector
skepu::Reduce< ReduceFunc >A class representing the Reduce skeleton
skepu::reduceThreadFuncArgs_CU< BinaryFunc, InputIterator >
skepu::Scan< ScanFunc >A class representing the Scan skeleton
skepu::scanThreadFuncArgs_CU< BinaryFunc, InputIterator, OutputIterator >
skepu::TimerLinux_GTODA class that can be used measure time on Linux systems
skepu::Vector< T >A vector container class, implemented as a wrapper for std::vector
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