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    New OSMC Members
  • 10-02 InterCAX
  • 10-02 VI-grade
  • 10-02 Telemark Univ College
  • 10-02 Technical Univ of Dortmund
  • 09-19 OpenModelica 1.5.0 beta


    New OSMC Members
  • 03-31 XRG Simulation GmbH
  • 03-31 Creative Connections
  • 03-31 Technical University Dresden
  • 12-01 MathCore Engineering AB
  • 12-01 Mälardalen University
  • 10-16 ABB Corporate Research
  • 09-02 Politecnico di Milano
  • 06-16 Siemens
  • 06-16 Griffith
  • 06-16 University Queensland
  • 04-30 IFP
  • 02-29 Emmeskay
  • 02-29 University Laval

  • 03-02 OSMC Website created
  • 02-20 OpenModelica 1.4.4


  • 12-04 OSMC was founded!
  • Purpose of the Consortium

    The Open Source Modelica Consortium, created the 4th of December 2007 in Linköping, Sweden, in the following called OSMC, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with the aim of developing and promoting the development and usage of the OpenModelica open source implementation of the Modelica computer language (also named Modelica modeling language) and OpenModelica associated open-source tools and libraries, collectively named the OpenModelica Environment, in the following referred to as OpenModelica.

    OpenModelica is available for commercial and non-commercial usage under the conditions of the OSMC Public License. It is the aim of OSMC, within the limitations of its available resources, to provide support and maintenance of OpenModelica, to support its publication on the web, and to coordinate contributions to OpenModelica.

    It is intended for OMSC to have good cooperation with Modelica Association, the organization that develops and standardizes the Modelica Language and the Modelica Standard Library.
    [To clarify: the aim of OSMC is the further development of the OpenModelica implementation, not the Modelica Language or the Modelica standard library which are handled by the Modelica Association.]


    Annual Meeting

    The Annual Meeting is OSMC's highest governing body, and meets at least once per year. Only organizational members have voting rights at the Annual meeting.


    The board is responsible for making budget proposals and a plan of operation for each year. The Board also approves membership of organizations.

    The current board:

  • Oliver Lenord, Chairman, Bosch-Rexroth AG, Germany
  • Per Sahlin, Vice Chairman, Equa Simulation AB, Sweden
  • Peter Fritzson, Director, Linköping University, Sweden
  • Juha Kortelainen, VTT, Finland
  • Gerhard Schmitz, University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
  • Alf Isaksson, ABB Corporate Research, Sweden
  • Francesco Casella, Polytechnico di Milano, Italy
  • Jan Brugård, MathCore Engineering AB, Sweden

    Director and Team

    Between Board meetings and Annual Meetings, the Director is OSMC's main point of contact. The Director is responsible for and lead the day-to-day work of OSMC between Board meetings and Annual Meetings, but also has the right to delegate appropriate parts the work to the technical coordinator and co-workers.

  • Director: Peter Fritzson
  • Technical Coordinator: Adrian Pop


    Why Become a Member

  • To support further development of OpenModelica
  • To influence the development of OpenModelica to meet your needs.
  • To cooperate with other users and contributors

    How to Become a Member

    There are two types of members: individual members and organizational members.

    An organization can become a member by submitting a membership application to the OSMC Board, and payiing a membership fee according to their size and type of license conditions desired, see the table below.

    Individuals who made significant contributions to OpenModelica can become Level 1 members for free, after decision by the Director.

    Membership Benefits

    OpenModelica is open-source, and is available to anyone, including members, under the OSMC-GPL option of the OSMC Public License. [Note that the OSMC Public License is different from and incompatible with GPL. Therefore it is not possible to include any GPL-licensed contribution into OpenModelica.]

    However, for members the following shall additionally apply:

    • Members have the additional option of using OpenModelica, in particular together with proprietary code according to the EPL options of the OSMC Public License.
    • Organizational members have voting rights at Annual Meetings.
    • Organizational members have the right to display their logos and have web links to their organizations at an appropriate place in the OSMC web site.
    • Members can influence the future development of OpenModelica.
    • Individual members and organizational member employees (or their organization in case individuals cannot/ should not be mentioned) who have made significant contributions have the right to be acknowledged as co-authors of common documents, and as co-authors in commentary text in the program modules they have contributed to.
    • Members, organizational or individual, who have made significant contributions, should be acknowledged as contributors in appropriate documents associated with OpenModelica [e.g. in the Users Guide or System Documentation].

    Membership Types and Annual Fees

    There are two main kinds of members: organizational members (any legal person/business partnership) and individual members (for any natural person). The membership fee varies according to the size of the organization, whether the organization chooses the honorary Gold or Silver sponsorship membership levels, and whether the member is allowed to redistribute OpenModelica in binary form for commercial purposes outside its own organization (Level 2 member) as specified by the OSMC Public License. For a non-profit organization such as a university, research institute, or similar, the engaged research group size (or sum of the sizes if several engaged groups) determines the annual fee. To further clarify:

    • A Level 1 membership is a basic membership level that allows the member to combine OpenModelica with proprietary code for internal use according to the OSMC-Internal-EPL mode of the OSMC Public License.
    • A Level 2 membership is a membership level that allows the member to combine OpenModelica with proprietary code for internal use and/or external distribution in binary form according to the OSMC-External-EPL mode of the OSMC Public License.
    • Individual persons can become Level 1 individual members for free.

    The table below shows the current annual fee. The levels of the annual fee are determined once a year by the Annual Meeting.

    Member Type Number of Employees Level 1 member
    Annual Fee in €
    Level 2 member
    Annual Fee in €
      Limited Unlimited
    Org. - Large company, not an SME > 250 6 000 7 000 20 000
    Org. - Medium company, SME > 50, ≤ 250 3 000 5 000 10 000
    Org. - Small company, SME > 5, ≤ 50 2 000 3 000 5 000
    Org. - Very Small Company, SME ≤ 5 1 000 2 000 3 000
    Org. - Large Non-profit Group size > 10 1 000 3 000 5 000
    Org. - Small Non-profit Group size ≤ 10 500 2 000 3 000
    Individual member 1 0 2 000 3 000

    Note: A limited Level 2 membership allows a total of at most ten active external licenses/distributions under OSMC-External-EPL at any given point in time. The Unlimited version has no limitation.

    Gold or Silver Sponsorship Levels

    Gold or Silver sponsorships are honorary membership levels which shows that the member is providing significant or very significant support to the OpenModelica effort, either in economic value or development/maintenance/ support/management effort. The levels of the sponsorship annual fees are determined once a year by the Annual Meeting.

    Sponsor level Sponsorship Annual Fee
    "person year contribution"
    Gold ≥ 20 000 € ≥ 1.0
    Silver ≥ 10 000, < 20 000 € ≤ 1/2, < 1.0

    Individual Membership

    An individual who so wishes, and who has made a significant contribution to OpenModelica during the previous two years or the current year, can get a Level 1 individual membership for the current year for free, after decision by the Director, and after having signed a membership application form.

    List of Consortium Members

    Companies and Institutes

  • Bosch-Rexroth AG, Germany
  • Equa Simulation AB, Sweden
  • TLK Thermo, Germany
  • VTT, Finland
  • MostforWater, Belgium
  • MapleSoft, Canada
  • IFP, Paris, France
  • Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB, Sweden
  • ABB Corporate Research AB, Sweden
  • MathCore Engineering AB, Linköping, Sweden
  • XRG Simulation GmbH, Hamburg
  • Creative Connections, Prague, Czech Republic
  • VI-grade, Italy
  • InterCAX, Antlanta, USA


  • Linköping University, Sweden
  • Hamburg University of Technology, Institute of Thermo-Fluid Dynamics, Applied Thermodynamics, Germany
  • Technical University of Braunschweig, the Institut of Thermodynamik, Germany
  • Technical University of Dortmund, Process Dynamics and Operations Group, Germany
  • Université Laval, the modelEAU group, Canada
  • University of Queensland, ARC Centre for Complex Systems, Australia
  • Griffith University, Software Quality Institute, Australia
  • Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden
  • Technical University Dresden, Germany
  • Telemark University College, Norway

    Individual Members

  • Peter Fritzson
  • Adrian Pop
  • Alf Isaksson
  • Francesco Casella
  • David Broman
  • Håkan Lundvall
  • Kristoffer Norling
  • Henrik Eriksson
  • Mikael Blom
  • Klas Sjöholm
  • Bernhard Bachmann
  • Kristian Stavåker
  • Simon Björklén
  • Magnus Leksell
  • Henrik Magnusson
  • Joel Klinghed
  • Kim Jansson
  • Oliver Lenord
  • Juha Kortelainen
  • Per Sahlin
  • Eric Meyers
  • Gerhard Schmitz
  • Filippo Donida


    Apply for membership or read the OSMC bylaws or OSMC-PL License.

  • Bylaws and OSMC-PL License
  • Organizational member application form
  • Individual member application form


    To contact us:  OpenModelica [at]

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