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Thesis Work at CILTLab

At the Laboratory for Cognition, Interaction and Language Technology we do research in the following focus areas:

  • distributed cognition in everyday environments,
  • pedagogical agents,
  • translation technology,
  • text summarization,

Available Thesis Topics

> Translation Evaluation Tool (Contact: Lars Ahrenberg)

> Lärspel i matematik för småbarn (Contact: Agneta Gulz)

> Lärspel i historia (Contact: Annika Silvervarg)

> Chat med historiska personer (Contact: Annika Silvervarg)


Contacts: firstname.lastname@liu.se

Thesis proposals

Are you interested in doing your Bachelor or Master's thesis work at CILTLab?

Cognitive Science Seminars

Language Technology Seminar

  • TBA

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Last updated: 2014-06-09