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Seminars October - December 2011

Unless stated otherwise, all seminars start sharp on the hour, and last one hour.

Note: Times and rooms may be subject to change.


  Date   Time     Place     Content     Responsible  
5 Oct 11.00-12   H Simon   A study on evaluation of cohesion in machine translation Lars
19 Oct 13.00-14   H Simon   TBA Agneta, Annika
26 Oct 13.00-14   H Simon   TBA Robert Eklund
2 Nov 13.00-14   H Simon   TBA Arne, Christian
16 Nov 13.00-15   H Simon   Statistical analysis Guest seminar, Mattias Villani
30 Nov 13.00-14   H Simon   TBA Sara
14 Dec 13.00-14   H Simon   Virtual pedagogical agents Camilla

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