IJCAI-99 Workshop on
2 August 1999, Stockholm

Officially endorsed by SIGDial

Workshop Program

8.30-8.45 Welcome
Part I: Practical systems Chair: Jan Alexandersson
8.45-9.15 Annika Flycht-Eriksson, ``A Survey of Knowledge Sources in Dialogue Systems''
9.15-9.45 Michael Kipp, Jan Alexandersson and Norbert Reithinger, ``Understanding Spontaneous Negotiation Dialogue''
9.45-10.15 Johan Boye, Mats Wiren, Manny Rayner, Ian Lewin, David Carter, and Ralph Becket, "Language-Processing Strategies for Mixed-Initiative Dialogues''
10.15-10.30 Coffee
Chair: Kristiina Jokinen
10.30-10.50 Joris Hulstijn, ``Modelling Usability: Development Methods for Dialogue Systems''
10.50-11.10 Anke Kölzer, ``Universal Dialogue Specification for Conversational Systems''
11.10-11.30John Aberdeen, Sam Bayer, Sasha Caskey, Laurie Damianos, Alan Goldschen, Lynette Hirschman, Dan Loehr, and Hugo Trappe, ``Implementing Practical Dialogue Systems with the DARPA Communicator Architecture''
Part II: Rethinking the past Chair: Arne Jönsson
11.45-12.05 Masahiro Araki, Kazunori Komatani, Taishi Hirata and Shuji Doshita, ``A dialogue Library for Task-oriented Spoken Dialogue Systems''
12.05-12.25 Maria Aretoulaki and Bernd Ludwig, ``Automaton Descriptions and Theorem Proving: A Marriage in Heaven?''
12.25-12.45 Matthias Denecke and Alex Waibel, ``Integrating Knowledge Sources for the Specification of a Task-Oriented Dialogue System''
12.45-13.45 Lunch
Part III: What to come Chair: Lars Ahrenberg
13.45-14.15 Peter Bohlin, Robin Cooper, Elisabet Engdahl and Staffan Larsson, ``Information States and Dialogue Move Engines''
14.15-14.45 David Traum and Carl Andersen, ``Representations of Dialogue State for Domain and Task Independent Meta-Dialogue''
14.45-15.15 Mark Seligman, Jan Alexandersson and Kristiina Jokinen, ``Tracking Morphological and Semantic Co-occurrences in Spontaneous Dialogues''
15.15-15.45Richard McConachy and Ingrid Zukerman, ``Dialogue Requirements for Argumentation Systems''
15.45-16.00 Coffee
16.00-16.30 Diane J. Litman, Marilyn A. Walker and Michael S. Kearns, ``Acquiring Knowledge of System Performance for Spoken Dialogue''
16.30-17.15 Summary and discussion
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