2nd Workshop IJCAI Workshop on
5 August 2001, Seattle

Officially endorsed by SIGDial

Workshop Program

8.45-9.00 Welcome
Co-ordination of Multimodal information Chair: Arne Jönsson
9.00-9.30 Marc Cavazza, Representation and reasoning in a Multimodal Conversational Character
9.30-10.00 David Novick, "Conversational" Dialogues in Direct Manipulation Interfaces
10.00-10.30 Christoph Müller and Michael Strube, MMAX: A Tool for the Annotation of Multi-modal Corpora
10.30-11.00 Coffee
Reasoning and Processing of Multimodal information Chair: Arne Jönsson
11.00-11.30 Jan Alexandersson and Tilman Becker, Overaly as the Basic Operation for Discourse Processing in a Multimodal Dialogue System
11.30-12.00Vincent A. W. M. Aleven, Octav Popescu, and Kenneth R. Koedinger, A Tutorial Dialogue System with Knowledge-Based Understanding and Classification of Student Explanations
12.00-13.15 Lunch
New Areas for Multimodal Dialogues Chair: Kristiina Jokinen
13.15-13.45 Ana García-Sarrano, Javier Calle and Josefa Z. Hernández, Dialogue Management for an Advice-giving Virtual Assistant
13.45-14.15Arjan Egges, Anton Nijholt, and Rieks op den Akker, Dialogs with BDP Agents in Virtual Environments
14.15-14.30 Short Break
14.30-15.00 David Traum and Jeff Rickel, Embodied Agents for Multi-party Dialogue in Immersive Virtual Worlds
15.00-15.30Yasuhiro Katagari, Toru Takahashi, and Yogu Takeuchi, Social Persuasion in Human-Agent Inetraction
15.30-16.00 Coffee
Design and Implementation of Dialogue Systems Chair: Kristiina Jokinen
16.00-16.30Lars Degerstedt and Arne Jönsson, A Method for Iterative Implementation of Dialogue Management
16.30-17.00Staffan Larsson, Robin Cooper, and Stina Ericsson, menu2dialog
17.00-17.30 Final discussions
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