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GSLT/NGSLT course in Machine Translation


Program for the final seminar 8-9 January 2009


Start: 8. january, 13.00

End: 9. january, 12.00

Room: Herbert Simon, E-building Campus Valla, Linköping University. Department of Computer and Information Science.


Program overview

The seminar will start with a short planning session.

There will be time set off for check-in at the Valla Hostel in connection with the afternoon break.

The main part of the final seminar will be the presentations by course participants. Each participant will have a 30 minute slot to present their term paper with an extra 10 minutes for presenting the practical assignment if that is still due. At least 10 minutes should be reserved for questions and discussion.

The final hour of the seminar will be set off for course evaluation.



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