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Lena Buffoni

Lena Buffoni (Olena Rogovchenko) is a post-doctoral researcher at PELAB at the University of Linkoping since September 2011. Her main research interests are language design, modeling, software composition, compiler construction, synchronous languages and real-time systems.

Lena has received her master degree and diploma of excellence in Science and Technology of Software at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris VI) and based on her merits obtained a government funded PhD scholarship.

She went on to get a PhD degree from the same university in December 2010. During her thesis she worked on abstractions for modeling distributed robotic systems under real time and resource constraints and developed a multi-level composition oriented model for the verification of correctness by construction of functional and non-functional requirements of distributed real-time systems.

During her time at Paris VI, Lena worked as a teaching assistant, where she taught among others a master level course on Program Analysis and Semantics and supervised several graduate theses and engineering projects.

At PELAB, Lena works on the real-time and synchronous aspects of the Modelica language, and it's implementation in OpenModelica.

CUGS experience:

I am really grateful to CUGS for giving me the opportunity to work at PELAB, in a stimulating and driven research environment. Being part of a large team was a new experience for me, and I really appreciate the strong team spirit and the constant exchanges and interactions in a friendly and supportive climate.