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Final Theses - IDA

Outgoing Student in Erasmus Exchange Thesis

Routines for examination of a final thesis for Erasmus students within the technical faculty

Linköping Institute of Technology 1999-01-18
Dept. of Computer and Information Science

Outgoing students

For a final thesis within the foreign programmes Erasmus and Norden the following apply:

  • the final thesis should correspond to the amount of credits according to the study guide for respective study programme
  • the final thesis should be performed within the subject areas stated in the study guide for respective study programme
  • a certificate of an approved final thesis must be shown
  • three copies of the thesis report should be handed in to the exchange network-responsible teacher/coordinator for respective programme (one copy to the coordinator + two copies to the university library)

The host university is responsible for the review of Linköping sutdents that perform their final thesis work abroad within Erasmus and Norden. Linköping in turn performs the examination through check of quality. This means that the final report should be written, published and presented at the host university.

There should be an examinaer in Linköping (this can be the Erasmus programme responsible). What Linköping needs is a statement from the examiner at the host university that contains an evaluation of the thesis work and also two copies of the report that will be stored at the examiner in Linköping. It is worth mentioning that the student should have continuous contact with the examiner in Linköping.

The reporting of the final thesis work is done using a separate form (currently available from Agneta Dryselius 013-28 10 91, agdry@studc.liu.se) that is filled in by the examiner at LiU and handed to the network coordinator for a signature, and then returned to Agneta Dryselius.

Nahid Shahmehri is the coordinator for the exchange network "Computer Science and Informatics" (Datavetenskap och informatik) and for the exchange network "Technical Databases" (Tekniska databaser).

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