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Courses not belonging to any specific area

720A04Philosophy of science (A) 
725G73Objective-C Programming, 8 hp (G1) 
729A80Master's Thesis in Cognitive Science (30 ECTS), 30 hp (A) 
729A98Risk and Accident Analysis, 6 hp (A) 
729A99Usability Testing, 6 hp (A) 
729G40Bachelor's Thesis, 18 hp (G2) 
729G41Capstone Course in Undergraduate Cognitive Science, 6 hp (G2) 
732A49Statistical Methods, 6 hp (A) 
732A50Advanced Programming in R (A) 
732G37Fundamental Statistical Methods, 6 hp (G) 
768A03Research Methods in Design, 6 hp (A) 
768A07Master's Thesis, 30 hp (A) 
TDDC61On-line Production, 6 hp (G1) 
TDDC63Interactive Form, 6 hp (G1) 
TDDC89Introduction to Linguistics, 6 hp (G1) 
TDDD32User-Driven Product Development, 6 hp (G1) 
TDDD50Green Computing (G2) 
TDDD62Internship, 18 hp (A) 
TDDD63x, 7 hp (G) 
TDDD66Mobile Networks, 6 hp (G2) 
TDDD70Professionalism for Engineers, part 1, 1 hp (G1) 
TDDD72Logic, 6 hp (G1) 
TDDD78Object Oriented Programming and Java, 6 hp (G1) 
TDDD79Professionalism for Engineers, part 2, 1 hp (G1) 
TDDD82Project Semester including Bachelor Thesis Project: Secure, Mobile Systems, 30 hp (G2) 
TDDD84Professionalism for Engineers, part 3, 1 hp (G1) 
TDDD93Large-Scale Distributed Systems and Networks (G1) 
TDDI81Concurrent programming and operating systems, 6 hp (G2) 
TDP001Managing the Computer Environment, 4 hp (G1) 
TDP025x, 10 hp (G) 
TQPR10Degree project - Bachelor's Thesis, 16 hp (G2) 

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