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Courses within Interaction and Service Design

729A88Advanced Interaction Design, 6 hp (A) 
729A99Usability Testing, 6 hp (A) 
729G22Interaction Design, 6 hp (G) 
729G26Interaction Programming, 6 hp (G2) 
729G44Interface Design, 6 hp (G2) 
768A01Interaction Design: Studio, 12 hp (A) 
768A03Research Methods in Design, 6 hp (A) 
768A04Service Design: Studio, 12 hp (A) 
768A05Service Design and Innovation, 6 hp (A) 
768A07Master's Thesis, 30 hp (A) 
769A03Thinking with Representations, 6 hp (A) 
TDDC63Interactive Form, 6 hp (G2) 
TDDC73Interaction programming, 6 hp (G2) 
TDDD13Interaction programming, 6 hp (G2) 
TDDD35System Usability Issues, 6 hp (G1) 
TDDD51Service Design and Innovation, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD53Advanced Interaction Design, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD58Interaction design project, 12 hp (G2) 
TDDD60Interactive Systems, 4 hp (G1) 
TDDD61Design - Strategy and Management, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD75Effects-Driven Development and Human-Centred Design of Interactive Systems, 6 hp (G2) 
TDDD90Interactiv Products, 6 hp (A) 
TDDE03Design Studio II, 12 hp 
TDDE28Contemporary Perspective on Value Creation, 6 hp (A) 
TDDE29Codesign, Tools and Approaches, 6 hp (A) 
TDDE33User Driven Product Development, 6 hp (G) 
TDDE36User Experience and Interaction Design, 12 hp (G2) 
TDDE39Physical Interaction Design and Prototyping, 6 hp (A) 
TDP022Interactive systems, 6 hp (G2) 

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