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Research is organized in a number of laboratories (seventeen at present) and as a graduate student you will belong to one of these.

A well-developed interdisciplinary program of courses, international co-operation and a system of deputy advisors contribute to the breadth and quality of graduate education.

Graduate student positions come under the following subject areas:

  • computer science
  • computer systems
  • technical information systems
  • computational linguistics
  • informatics
  • economic information systems
  • information system development

and are attached to one of the research laboratories.

To be accepted it is required that you have graduated and have at least 60 points (3 terms' full-time study) in the given area of studies. The final selection of graduate students is made after individual interviews.


Application forms can be ordered from the department through Anne Moe, phone no. 013-28 14 60, email anne.moe@liu.se.

Please notice that if we contact you for an interview we want you to write a description in English of a project you have participated in.

Questions on the content of the various research areas should be addressed to the Director of Graduate Studies Petru Eles, phone no. 013-28 13 96, email petru.eles@liu.se.

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