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  • List of Attendance (*.pdf) - a form that you have to fill in for each presentation you visit ...
  • Outline of a scientific report in geoinformatics (*.pdf, 21 KB) - a guide to write a scientific report in geoinformatics..
  • Projektarbete / Uppsats handbok (*.pdf, 22 KB) - handbok att skriva projektarbete / uppsats inom GIS kurser hos IDA / LiU (In Swedish).
  • Intructions for master's thesis at IDA - instructions, templates, formulars, examples, etc. for master's thesis at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA) / LiU.
  • Guidelines for completing a master's thesis / report (*.pdf, 0.3 MB) - a comprehensive guide from the Department of Physics and Measurement Technology, Biology and Chemistry (IFM). The guidelines are compatible with the IDA's guidelines.
  • Lathund för rapportskrivning (*.pdf, 0.5 MB) - a comprehensive manual made by Magnus Merkel, Ulrika Andersson, Malin Lundqvist and Britta Önnegren, providing with help how to write a scientific report or thesis (In Swedish).
  • Liu Electronic Press - instructions how to publish reports/thesis on the Internet (Electronic Press).
  • Scientific conference / journal paper (*.pdf, 22.5 KB)- an example of scientific conference / journal article  - long abstract (2000 to 3000 words), full references, proper English language usage, etc. - Bishr, Y. & Kuhn, W. (2000) Ontology-Based Modelling of Geospatial Information, 3rd AGILE Cinference on Geographic Information Science, 25th-27th May 2000, Helsinki/Espoo, Finalnd.
  • Scientific conference poster (*.jpg, 3.9 MB) - an example of scientific conference poster  - Holt, M. et al (1997) GREAT-ER: Validation by Monitoring in the UK and in Italy, 7th Annual SETAC Europe Meeting, 6th-10th April 1997, Amsterdam, Netherlands.