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In order to search literature for the GIS courses and thesis consider following library and database search engines as these contain a large number of articles, proceedings and books addressing the area of geoinformatics and GIS, applied in various disciplines:

* Subscription access from LiU often provides access to (additional) resources,
   such as extra journals, full articles, etc.
* Abstracts and articles can be stored in pdf format - Acrobat Reader reader is
   necessary to open these files. All the computers at IDA/LiU have the Acrobat
   Reader installed.
* Electronic books from Ebrary requires the Ebrary Reader installed to open
   the books. Computers at the GIS Computer Lab have the Ebrary Reader

While searching for literature focusing on the fundamentals of geoinformatics and GIS, books, used within the GIS courses, widely cover this area. Additionally some of the books even combine the fundamnetals of geoinformatics as well as the GIS application in various scientific areas:

  • Laurini, R. & Thompson, D. (1993) Fundamentals of Spatial Information Systems, Academic Press, ISBN: 0124383807
  • Bernhardsen, T (2002) Geographic Information Systems: An Introduction (3rd edition), Wiley, John & Sons, ISBN: 0471419680
  • Worboys, M.F. (1995) Geographic Information Systems: A Computing Perspective, Taylor & Francis, ISBN: 0748400656
  • Longley, P. & Clark, G. (1996) GIS for Business and Service Planning, Wiley, John & Sons, ISBN: 0470235101
  • Chang, S-K. & Jungert, E. (1996) Symbolic Projection for Image Information Retrieval and Spatial Reasoning, Academic Press, ISBN: 0121680304
  • Gatrell, A. & Löytönen, M. (1998) GIS and Health: GISDATA 6, Taylor & Francis, ISBN: 0748407790
  • Fischer, M. et al (1996) Spatial Analytical Perspectives on GIS: GISDATA 4, Taylor & Francis, ISBN: 0748403396
  • Lo, C.P. & Yeung A.K.W (2002) Concepts and Techniques of Geographic Information Systems, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0130804274
  • Miller, H.J. & Shaw, S-L. (2001) Geographic Information Systems for Transportation: Principles and Applications, Oxford University Press, ISBN: 0195123948
  • Eklundh, L. et al (2000) Geografisk informationsbehandling - Metoder och tillämpningar, Byggforskningrådet & ULI, ISBN: 9154058414
  • Heywood, I, Cornelius, S, and Carver, S (2002) An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems (2nd edition), Longman Publishing, ISBN: 0130611980
  • Ormsby, T, Napoleon, E, and Groessl, C (2001) Getting to Know Arcgis Desktop (including CD ROM), ESRI, ISBN: 1879102897
  • Malmström, B & Wellving, A (1995) Introduktion till GIS, ULI, ISBN: 9163032457
  • Buckley, D.J. (2003) The GIS Primer: An Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, Pacific Meridian Resources, URL: (Acc. 06/2004) [Update the month and year in relevance to your last visit]