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Courses within Statistics

732A30Master's Thesis, 30 hp (A) 
732A34Time Series Analysis, 6 hp (A) 
732A37Multivariate Statistical Methods, 6 hp (A) 
732A38Computational statistics, 6 hp (A) 
732A40Probability Theory, 6 hp (A) 
732A42Introduction to Advanced Academic Studies, 3 hp (A) 
732A45Statistical Evidence Evaluation, 6 hp (A) 
732A46Bayesian Learning, 6 hp (A) 
732A47Text Mining, 6 hp (A) 
732A49Statistical Methods, 6 hp (A) 
732A50Advanced Programming in R, 6 hp (A) 
732A52Introduction to Machine Learning (A) 
732A60Advanced Academic Studies (A) 
732A63Probability Theory, 6 hp (A) 
732A66Decision theory, 6 hp (A) 
732A92Text Mining, 6 hp (A) 
732A93Statistical Methods, 6 hp (A) 
732A94Advanced Programming in R, 6 hp (A) 
732A95Introduction to Machine Learning (A) 
732A96Advanced Machine Learning (A) 
732A97Multivariate Statistical Methods, 6 hp (A) 
732A98Visualization, 6 hp (A) 
732G01Grundläggande statistik, grundkurs, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G03Kandidatuppsats i Statistik, fördjupningskurs, 15 hp (G) 
732G04Surveymetodik, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G05Regressions- och tidsserieanalys, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G08Multivariate Methods, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G12Data-Mining, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G17Introduction to SAS Programming, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G20Statistisk teori I, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G21Sambandsmodeller, 15 hp (G) 
732G25Statistisk analys av samhällsdata, 15 hp (G) 
732G26Surveymetodik med uppsats, 15 hp (G) 
732G30Grunder i statistisk metodik, 15 hp (G) 
732G31Visuell dataanalys, 6 hp (G) 
732G32Kandidatuppsats i Statistik, fördjupningskurs, 15 hp (G) 
732G33Programming in R, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G34Statistical Analysis of Complex Data, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G36Programming in R (G2) 
732G37Fundamental Statistical Methods, 6 hp (G) 
732G60Statistiska metoder, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G70Statistik A, 7 hp (G) 
732G71Statistik B, 8 hp (G) 
732G81Statistics, 11 hp (G) 
NDAB01Statistics; Theory and Application in Biology, 6 hp (G1) 
TDAB01Probability and Statistics, 6 hp (G2) 

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