Design of Experiments, 5 credits

Course Leader: Anders Grimvall
Phone: tel. +46-(0)13-28 14 82

Target group

Ph.D. candidates in statistics and other disciplines where knowledge of statistics is essential


Basic knowledge about design and analysis of experiments, for example chapters 1-6 in Montgomery, D.C.: Design and analysis of experiments, 5th ed., Wiley


The course aims to:

(i) make the student familiar with recent advances in the design and analysis of experiments;

(ii) increase the student's ability to apply non-standard methods to practical problems in design of experiments


Full factorial experiments at two or more levels
Fractional factorial experiments at two or three levels
Non-regular designs (e.g. Plackett-Burman designs)
Response surface methodology
Robust parameter design
Experiments with non-normal data


Wu, C.F.J. and Hamada, M. (2000). Experiments: Planning, Analysis, and Parameter Design Optimization, Wiley


Active participation in classes
Oral presentation of at least one major topic
Individual hand-in problems